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On The Horizon ~ Sun. Oct. 17th, 2021

Worship 10:30 at Kemble-Sarawak United Church

Worship 1:00 at Zion-Keppel United Church  
Kemble-Sarawak & Zion-Keppel
Pastoral Charge
Western Ontario Waterways

Reverend Heather McCarrel
e-mail: revhmccarrel@rogers.com
cell phone: 519-270-8545



COVID 19 and its variants present risks to staff and volunteers when being present together in the church building. The Kemble-Sarawak, Zion-Keppel

Pastoral Charge takes seriously its responsibility to provide a safe working environment for all who enter and use the building.

For the purpose of this policy, Volunteer is defined as anyone who participates in church activities.  

All church staff and volunteers must be fully vaccinated and have proof of vaccination.  With permission, one can show proof of vaccination once and

have their name checked off on a list.  Otherwise, one must carry proof of vaccination whenever they are in the church building asides from attending

Sunday morning worship in the sanctuary (although full vaccination is highly recommended for attending worship).  Also the following protocols must

be followed at all times :

•     A mask is worn at all times.

  • You remember to sign in and out (contact tracing ) each time you are in the church

•     Sanitize your hands on entry

•     Keep a 6-foot distance at all times when interacting with others

•     Use the washroom and follow the cleaning protocols posted.

Approval Date: by the Official Board of the Kemble-Sarawak, Zion-Keppel Pastoral Charge on October 7th, 2021


Created October 7th, 2021


The Kemble-Sarawak, Zion-Keppel Pastoral Charge has an obligation to keep employees, congregants, and other visitors as safe as possible. The

church must also be in compliance with existing provincial and MOH guidelines. Vulnerable individuals or those who are not fully vaccinated are

encouraged to participate in worship through our online mini-worship services.


The Coordinator or delegate of each group is responsible for adherence of participants to the procedures below.


  • Limit the number of indoor participants to 17 for use of the church hall and 35 for use of the sanctuary.


  • Covid-19 screening questions must be adhered to when entering the church building as well as hand washing/sanitizing and physical distancing

  • are required of all participants. If any are not feeling well, please stay home. Masks are mandatory, unless medically exempt.


  • Everyone eligible is required to show proof of vaccination, except for those who are medically exempt, in order to attend an event in the church hall. 


  • Maintain contact tracing information for each participant on the form provided, as required by the Public Health Department.


  • Coats, Jackets and outdoor footwear are to be kept with participants.


  • The washroom cleaning protocol is posted in the washrooms.


The Coordinator or delegate must sign the record of attendance indicating these protocols have been followed.   


NOTE: the terms and conditions of this protocol are subject to amendment at the direction of the Kemble-Sarawak, Zion-Keppel Pastoral Charge’s

Official Board. 



Kemble-Sarawak United Church 

On Sun. Aug. 8th at 10:30 the Kemble-Sarawak United Church and the Zion-Keppel United Church will  commence with joint In-Person Worship

Services.  If the weather permits will have worship on the side lawn of the Kemble-Sarawak United Church. The “Rainy Day” plan is to move

worship into the sanctuary.  Please do not attend worship if you have a cough, fever, or sore throat.

  • Capacity of the sanctuary is 34 plus the worship leader.

  • Pews are marked. Masks are mandatory. 

  • All entry to the building will be through the parking lot door.

  • A list of regular attendees will be prepared so the greeter can check off the names.

  • Yellow caution tape will help direct people up to the sanctuary.

  • The upstairs greeter will direct folks to available seating and encourage people to place their offering in the plate by the door. 

  • When all are seated, the greeter will bring the offering plate to the communion table.  

  • If there are bulletins, these will be placed in each pew that is designated for use.  These are to be left on the pews when departing.

  • At the end of the service, people will leave from the back and go directly outside through the street or parking lot door.

  • People at the front of the church may leave by the emergency exit.


A Message From Rev. Heather McCarrel

     This past week began with a lovely Thanksgiving celebration service at the Kemble-Sarawak United Church.  Thanks to Wanda who filled the church

with lovely thanksgiving colour; the communion table looked especially beautiful with autumn leaves and fresh produce from Wanda’s and the Gray’s

vegetable garden.   Fred and Mary Ellen added to the ministry of music by bringing their own keyboard and together they played each hymn.  The

special music was remarkable as Mary Ellen played one part on the piano and Fred played the other on the keyboard.  The only problem with the

Special Music was that it ended way too soon!  During the Children’s Conversation we listed all that we have to be thankful for on colourful paper

leaves which now hang on the white tree in the church’s downstairs entrance.  

     There are many folks who work diligently each week to keep the ministry of this pastoral charge moving along.  This week I would like to especially

“Thank” Ronn Cheney, Church Treasurer, who keeps track not only of the finances of the Kemble-Sarawak United Church but also the General Account

of the pastoral charge.  I also appreciate how Ronn makes a point of attending worship weekly.  Also, this week I would like to “Thank” Don Edwards,

Church Communicator, who works each week on creating the weekly newsletter and creatively ‘communicates’ the news of this pastoral charge to us

all.  Don also ensures the bulletin and announcements are ready each Sunday for worship. “Big Thanks” to you both!

     It was a thrill this week to receive two new children into our At-Home Sunday School Kits.  If you are interested in receiving these kits for your

children or grandchildren please drop me an email or give me a phone call!  The Kemble-Sarawak U.C. would like to begin offering Sunday School

during worship on Sunday mornings.  We need a few volunteers to do so.  If you are interested please contact me at


     As we look ahead on the church calendar there are a few dates worth noting.  This Sunday, October 17th is what I have come to dub as a

“Two Service Sunday” which means there is the 10:30 service at Kemble-Sarawak United Church and a 1:00 service at the Zion-Keppel United Church. 

The following Sunday, October 24th, I will be making my maiden voyage up the peninsula to lead a communion service for Pike’s Bay United Church

and Lion’s Head United Church.  Bob Gray will be leading worship at the Kemble-Sarawak United Church.  On the first Sunday of November we will

honour Remembrance Day and on the second Sunday of November we will celebrate a Covenanting Service between this pastoral charge, myself

and the Western Ontario Waterway’s Regional Council; Marg Krauter will be joining us as the Regional Council Rep.  Please mark your calendar and

plan on joining us.

    Please feel welcome to join me weekly at my BLOG: https://stainglasslens.wordpress.com/ 

     My office hours are Wed. 9:30 to Noon.  My days off are typically Fri. and Sat. but I can be reached for pastoral emergencies on my cell phone (519-270-8545), all emails will be returned on Sun. afternoon.

Rev. Heather McCarrel      

Link to Mini -Worship: Sun. Oct. 17th, 2021:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hriS2JoTBbs


Oct. 17th, 2021: 10:30 at Kemble-Sarawak church & 1:00 at Zion-Keppel church
Oct. 24th, 2021: Pulpit Supply: Heather will be at Pike’s Bay & Lion’s Head United Churches.  Kemble-Sarawak church service @ 10:30   
Oct. 31st, 2021: Halloween Sunday! Kemble-Sarawak church service @ 10:30 with Rev. Heather
Nov. 7th, 2021:  Remembrance Sunday

Nov. 14th, 2021:  Covenanting Service 10:30 at Kemble-Sarawak United Church: Special Guest: Marg Krauter from WOWRC.

Nov. 21st, 2021:  Reign of Christ Sunday

Nov. 28th, 2021: First Sunday of Advent

 Upcoming Scripture Readers:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Sun. Oct. 17th & 24th: Bob Gray                                                                                                                                    

Sun. Oct. 31st: Mike Milne

Sun. Nov. 7th:  Lorraine Rutherford
Sun. Nov. 14th: Leanne Sutherland
Sun. Nov. 21st: Leanne Sutherland
Sun. Nov. 28th:  Connie Morris
Sun. Dec. 5th:  Connie Morris
Sun. Dec. 12th:  David or Cathy Graham
Sun. Dec. 19th:  David or Cathy Graham
Sun. Dec. 26th:  Beth Anne Currie

Upcoming Greeters: Parking Lot Entrance
Sun. Oct. 17th: Carol MacDonnell
Sun. Oct 24th:  Bob Gray
Sun. Oct. 31st: Kathie Hughes
Sun. Nov. 7th: Wanda Dailey
Sun. Nov. 14th: Lorraine Rutherford
Sun. Nov. 21st:  Kerolyn Moran
Sun. Nov. 28th:  Carol MacDonnell
Sun. Dec. 5th:  Bob Gray
Sun. Dec. 12th:  Kathie Hughes
Sun. Dec. 19th:  Wanda Dailey
Sun. Dec. 26th:  Lorraine Rutherford


Upcoming Upstairs Greeters:                                                                                                                                                                         


Sun. Oct. 17th & 24th: Muriel & Bill Beckett                                                                                                         

Sun. Oct. 31st & Nov. 7th: Mike & Jocelyn Milne

Sun. Nov. 7th: Wanda Dailey
Sun. Nov. 14th: Lorraine Rutherford
Sun. Nov. 21st:  Kerolyn Moran
Sun. Nov. 28th:  Carol MacDonnell
Sun. Dec. 5th:  Bob Gray
Sun. Dec. 12th:  Kathie Hughes
Sun. Dec. 19th:  Wanda Dailey
Sun. Dec. 26th:  Lorraine Rutherford


If the appointed Sundays are not suitable, please exchange with someone on the list

and let Don know at kembleonthehorizon@gmail.com.

Kemble-Sarawak U.C.W. Fund Raiser

A Message from Sarah Elliott

     Have you ever wished, while doing your laundry, that you didn’t have to buy heavy plastic containers or plastic bags with your soap? I did and want

to share an environmentally safe product .

     We the Kemble Sarawak United Church Women want to do whatever we can to protect our environment. We have connected with Tru Earth in B.C. ,

who are offering our group 20% of the sales of their eco friendly laundry soap, as a fund raiser. l have been using Tru earth laundry strips for some

time now and am very pleased.  They are thin strips of concentrated soap, that is shipped to you in a paper container, free of charge.  They are

biodegradable and come in a light scent or no scent.  They are easy to take while travelling.  If you would like to try this eco friendly soap and support

our U.C.W. simply click on the link below.

https://fundraising.tru.earth/ksucw  (Please note that link is NOT working, so please just cut and paste the link into your browser)
I hope that you are pleased with the product and thank you in advance. 
P.S. of you are happy please share this link with family and friends.
Sarah Elliott/Kemble Sarawak U.C.W.

Joys in our Community

 If it's happy news, then we need it here.  So if you know of any event that qualifies, please submit to

Don @ kembleonthehorizon@gmail.com.

Pastoral Concerns

We continue to offer prayers For Ernie McDougall (Ronn Cheney's cousin), Earl Robinson, Darlene Turner, and Sally Emery. We continue to offer

prayers for all people suffering from Alzheimer's and those who provide care giving.  

Please hold Vi Hill in your prayers upon the sudden death of her sister Dorothy. 


Please share any joys, concerns, and prayer shawl needs

 Kembleonthehorizon@gmail.com or revhmccarrel@rogers.com

Events in the Church Community:

Bible Study:  Wed. Oct. 13th, @ 7:00 pm
In the Church Hall at Kemble-Sarawak U.C. please bring your masks & Bibles.  This week we will be studying
1 Samuel 16:1-13


Sunday School:  Kemble-Sarawak U.C. would like to begin offering Sunday School during worship on Sunday mornings.  We need a few volunteers to

do so.  If you are interested please contact Rev. Heather at revhmccarrel@rogers.com/519-270-8545.  In the meantime at home Sunday School lessons

are available.

Hospital Visits: COVID-19 Hospital Rules:  The Owen Sound Hospital now allows two Care Partners per day with the Inpatients from 1:00 p.m

to 6:30 p.m.  If you would like Rev. Heather to visit it is best to arrange this a couple of days ahead. 519-270-8545/revhmccarrel@rogers.com


Kemble Kids & Kemble Lion’s Club:  Are waiting for COVID to pass before meeting.

Western Ontario Waterways of The United Church of Canada


FALL GATHERING   Saturday, Oct. 16

Guest Speakers from The Grey Bruce Climate Action Team
Please view Youtube video beforehand: 
“Resilience-A Climate Change Documentary of Hope”
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 942 1570 3881
Password: 411698
+17789072071,,94215703881# Canada
+14388097799,,94215703881# Canada
Zoom Link Opens 9:30 am
Gathering Music 9:45-10 am
Program until 11:30 am
Chat & Socialize 11:30 am-12 noon
Open to Everyone, no registration required
Need more info? UCW.WOW@gmail.com

A Message from Pam Wilson & the Georgian Bluffs Climate Action Team (GBAT)

This is an invitation to our next key event
Who we are:  Georgian Bluffs Climate Action Team (GBCAT) is a citizen led group of volunteers who are residents of the Township of Georgian Bluffs.
What we do:  One of our mandates is to offer information and educational opportunities to the public on current issues that relate to climate change

and its impacts.
Why?    Because it affects us all.
Please consider registering for 
Treading Water: 
How flooding affects property values and you!
What can you do about this?
October 20, 2021, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  Dr. Blair Feltmate, Head of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo  will present practical solutions to limit community and

residential flooding and financial losses.
Dr. John T Anderson will present a local perspective “Wetter Weather in Bruce and Grey Counties” 

Church Contact Information

Kemble-Sarawak and Zion-Keppel Pastoral Charge United Church of Canada

319940 Kemble Rock Road, 
Kemble, Ontario N0H 1S0


Email: KSZKunited@gmail.com  
Phone: 519-371-3861   (phone located at Kemble-Sarawak) 

Website: www.KSZKunited.com   

Reverend Heather McCarrel
cell #  519-270-8545
Email: revhmccarrel@rogers.com

Pastoral Charge Board Chair:
Leanne Sutherland
Email:  leannesutherlandls@gmail.com

Church Communicator:
Don Edwards
Email: kembleonthehorizon@gmail.com