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On The Horizon ~ Sunday October 2nd,  2022  

Worship Service at Kemble-Sarawak U.C 10:30 a.m.

Worship Service at Zion-Keppel U.C. 1:00 p.m.


Rev. Heather McCarrel
e-mail: revhmccarrel@rogers.com & cell phone: 519-270-8545

Ministry of Music at Kemble-Sarawak U.C.: Fred & Mary Ellen Parsons

Ministry of Music at Zion-Keppel U.C.: Vi Hill 













Message From Rev. Heather

     This last week of September began with our 3rd Sunday in the Season of Creation. It was a joy to welcome back Fred and Mary Ellen Parsons from

their European vacation.  Mary Ellen shared some of the highlights of their vacation and it sounded like a memorable time.  The choir gathered to

practice prior to worship which filled the church with a welcoming melody.   During the announcements we were relieved to share correspondences

from some of the church folks traveling out east who were able to find safe havens from the storm.  Judah, Neve and Wilder Hoeskstra took turns

expertly sharing the scripture readings and the Minute for Mission.


     This was a busy month in the ministry of Kemble-Sarawak United Church.  During this month we moved worship back into the sanctuary and

communion was held on Labour Day Weekend followed by the beginning of the Season of Creation.  We were treated to guest pianists Lorraine

Rutherford and Colleen Danard and much was added to worship by the many photographs of people’s favorite trees!


      We also saw the beginning the Lions Club meetings with the UCW serving the meal, the return of Bible Study, and the celebration of the Women’s

Institute’s 125th Anniversary.  We hosted the All Candidates meeting for the local riding and were the place of celebration for Freda Henry’s 80th

birthday. The Elder’s met, the Stewards met and the Official Board met.   My goodness, it certainly was a busy month!


     October promises to be just as busy with World Communion Sunday, Thanksgiving Sunday, the Cluster Sunday, the return of the choir and the

start-up of Sunday School the week after Thanksgiving. The Bible Study group will meet, while the Stewards will continue gearing up for the Talent

Action.  The UCW have planned an Alzheimer’s Coffee Break and the launch of the UCW Cookbook. We can depend on the Women’s Institute and

Lion’s Club to continue filling the church with laughter and conversations.  Also, the church will be a polling station at the end of the month.


     We will also continue to consider ways we can be the hands and heart of Jesus to the community around Kemble-Sarawak United Church and

beyond.  The Food Bank donation basket will remain by the church’s back door and every Sunday we will take a minute to focus on the ministry of the

United Church of Canada’s Mission & Service funds.  Please take time to hold in your prayers all those effected by Hurricane Fiona.  


     Please plan on joining us for worship on Sunday October 2nd at 10:30 a.m. This World Communion service promises to be celebratory as we

welcome the church choir back to the choir loft in 2.5 years! 



                 If you or a member of your family would like a pastoral visit please contact me at revhmccarrel@rogers.com or 519-270-8545.

            Blessings,   Rev. Heather McCarrel

Further Reading on Trees!

As we now draw close to the end of our Season of Creation and the preaching series titled, “God’s Love of Trees” we thank Beth Anne Currie for sending

along two interesting articles for our reading.  One is a new project with Neighbourwoods North and The Sustainability Project called: Regenerate Grey

Bruce, where they are dedicating newly-minted Greenbelt funding to “re-wild” parts of Grey Bruce: to read more please see Toward a New Landscape

Narrative of hope at this link:  https://www.thesustainabilityproject.ca/t,

Also, we thank Beth Anne sent along this interesting article titled:   Canada's Urban Forests: Bringing the Canopy to All

Nature Canada released a report today titled Canada's Urban Forests: Bringing the Canopy to All. In the report, researchers have mapped the urban

tree cover in five Canadian cities (Vancouver, Abbotsford, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal) and conducted interviews with local subject matter experts

adding to growing evidence that there are major inequities in Canada’s urban tree planning that disadvantage racialized and lower-income communities.

The report focuses on what we can do about that,  providing recommendations for governments and advocacy groups on how to improve access to

nearby, high-quality, forests for all.

“Urban forests are vital to our communities,” says Gauri Sreenivasan, Policy and Campaigns Director at Nature Canada. “But our report shows not all

of Canada’s urban population is benefitting equitably. To serve both nature and justice, everyone in Canada should be able to access high-quality

nearby nature and all levels of government should work with communities to make this possible; it’s a key part of addressing environmental racism.”

The report's map analysis in Vancouver, Abbotsford, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal, reinforces findings that tree canopy tends to be much lower in

low-income and racialized neighbourhoods. Interviews with municipal staff, urban foresters and other experts helped uncover the reasons for this:

lack of funding, absence of a planning process that values trees, and weak public engagement with those communities that need trees. 

Based on this research, the report proposes that equitable access to urban forests should be thought of in terms of three variables—proximity to

urban trees and forests, urban forest quality, and participation in the governance of urban forests.

“All levels of government have a role to play in achieving tree equity as well as local groups like tree-planters, equity advocates, and anyone who

believes in equal access to nature,” says Hannah Dean, Nature Canada’s Organizing Director. “Through such programs as the 2 Billion Tree Program

(2BT) and the Natural Infrastructure Fund the federal government can prioritize tree planting in urban and near-urban landscapes while also increasing

climate resilience in racialized and marginalized communities. But cities are caretakers of their own green spaces, and much of the real progress will happen there.”
For municipalities across Canada, the report offers the following recommendations: 

Decolonize the urban forest and prioritize equity. Cities need to give voice and power to those in underserved and marginalized neighbourhoods.

This is particularly important for Indigenous communities, the original caretakers of the land.

Build urban forest strategies into the planning process. Trees cannot be an afterthought in laying out cities but must form a core part of municipal

land-use policies.  Develop tree inventories across the city and set neighbourhood targets. Tree inventories give a clear picture of the arboreal “haves”

and “ have-nots.” They are an essential starting point for setting tree canopy targets by neighbourhood. 

Promote urban biodiversity. Municipalities should plant trees in order to reconnect landscapes, provide habitat for wildlife and reverse biodiversity loss. 
Incentivize tree planting on private land. Since a large part of the urban tree canopy is not found on public land, cities need to encourage private

landowners to pitch in. The report recognizes that these changes require local grassroots advocacy in every city across the country and also offers

guidance to nature and community organizations on how to mobilize for change: 

Spread the word by writing op-eds, organizing events, and sharing our report on your social channels. 
Identify the social and climate justice groups, tenant and community associations and tree groups in your city.  
Get to know your city’s Urban Forest Management Plan and the federal 2 Billion Tree program. 
Meet with municipal councillors to talk about tree equity.

Start a petition to show your municipal council that tree equity is an important issue for the whole community.
Take pictures of the tree-lush and tree-deficit neighbourhoods to send to your councillor. Post them on social media and tag relevant decision-makers. 
Start a letter-writing campaign to have community members bring the issue forward to their own councillors. 
Sign up to speak at budget, infrastructure, and environment meetings on the importance of trees in all areas of our lives.
Offer your knowledge and support for any policy changes required. 
Taken together, the recommendations in the report offer concrete steps which Canadian activists and decision makers can take at all levels to help

reduce systemic barriers to urban nature and improve our communities to the benefit of all.
Read the Report:  Canada's Urban Forests: Bringing the Canopy to All
If you are interested in learning more about organizing around Urban Forests and engaging your municipalities in the importance of Tree Equity,

please reach out to Organizing Director, Hannah Dean at



Kemble-Sarawak United Church September 2022 Montly Financial Report 

General = $2,430.00
General (rental) = $250.00
M&S = $220.00
PAR = General – $2,273.00
PAR – M&S = $602.00
Total – General = $4,953.00
Total – M&S = $822.00
Bell Canada = $117.89
Hydro One = $102.81
GBTel = $56.49
Elder’s Donation Q3 = $300.00 (150 for Women’s Shelter & 150 for United Way)
Honorarium – Choir Director = $0.00 (September)
Honorarium – Communicator = $210.00 (August)
Honorarium – Custodian = $50.00
Insurance = $658.40 (September)
Outside Lawn Care = $0.00
PAR monthly service charge = $13.50
Minister’s 88% portion of her pay = $4061.46
Total September expenses (General) = $5,570.55
Submitted by Ronn Cheney, Treasurer

October's Calendar at the KEMBLE-SARAWAK UNITED CHURCH:

As we return to “Normal” from the COVID Pandemic we are seeing a return to events in the church.   We will put into the OTH what has been booked for

the coming weeks at the church.  If you or your group would like to book a time to use the church please contact Kerolyn Moran at


Sun. Oct. 2nd:      World Communion Worship: 10:30 a.m.  

Mon. Oct. 3rd:     Lion’s Club:  evening

 Wed. Oct. 5th:    UCW:  1:00 p.m                                                                                                                             

Sun. Oct. 9th:      Thanksgiving Sunday Worship: 10:30 a.m.  

Tues. Oct. 11th:   Women’s Institute: 7:00 p.m.

 Sun. Oct. 16th:   Worship Service: 10:30 a.m. & Alzheimer’s Coffee Break & UCW Cookbook Launch Launch

 Mon. Oct. 17th:  Lion’s Club: evening

  Fri. Oct. 21st:     Polling Station: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

 Sun. Oct. 23rd:    Worship Service: 10:30 a.m.

 Mon. Oct. 24th:  Bible Study: 7:00 p.m.

 Sun. Oct. 30th:    Worship Service: 10:30 a.m.                                                                                                                                                                




Upcoming Scripture Readers at KS        

Oct. 2nd & 9th:                      Lorraine Rutherford

Oct. 16th & 23rd:                   Bob Gray

Oct. 30th & Nov. 6th:            Mike Milne

Upcoming Greeters outside sanctuary at KS                   

 Oct. 2nd & 9th:                     Lorraine Rutherford

Oct. 16th & 23rd:                  Muriel & Bill Beckett 

Oct. 30th & Nov. 6th:           Mike & Jocelyn Milne  


If appointed Sundays are not suitable, please exchange with someone and let Don know at kembleonthehorizon@gmail.com

Upcoming Autumn Services:  10:30 a.m. at Kemble-Sarawak United Church & 1:00 p.m. Zion-Keppel United Church 

Oct. 2nd, 2022:                   World Communion. 2 Service Sunday (10:30 a.m. & 1:00)  

Oct. 9th, 2022:                    Thanksgiving Sunday:  10:30 a.m. Kemble-Sarawak United Church

Oct. 15th, 2022:                  2 Service Sunday: (10:30 a.m. & 1:00)

Oct.  23rd, 2022:                 Cluster Sunday: Guest Minister: Rev. Roy Nicol-Macdonald & Guest Pianist: Lorraine Rutherford.  (Rev. Heather at Pike Bay &

                                                Lion’s Head U.C.)

Oct. 30th, 2022:                  Halloween Service!  Come dressed as your favorite Bible Character. Guest Pianist: Colleen Danard 

 Joys & Concerns: 


* We continue to offer prayers for all people suffering from Alzheimer's and other forms of Dementia and to those who provide care giving.


* Please share any joys, concerns, and prayer shawl needs  Kembleonthehorizon@gmail.com

KSZK Church Announcements:

Choir ! Choir !  Did I Mention Choir?: After a break for several years,  we are tuning the vocal chords  and beginning again.  All are welcome.  You do

not have to read music. The other choir members will help you. We meet before church on Sundays  so no mid-week rehearsals. We are beginning

Sun. Sept. 24th  at 9 : 45 am. The first week is a rehearsal only. Normally, we will begin at 9:30 am. See you there.

Looking to Hire a Church Cleaner:  Kemble-Sarawak U.C. is looking for a bi-weekly cleaner.   Any interested parties can contact Jennifer Gonder at jennifer.gonder367@gmail.com or 519-377-6363.

Time of Conversation: An Invitation from Annesley United Church, Markdale: We are sending this invitation to all United Churches in Grey County

and are asking that you consider sending two lay people who are involved as leaders in your congregation to this “Time of Conversation.” Details are

as follows: Saturday October 15, 2022, 9:30 a.m. to Noon at Annesley United Church, Markdale Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided. We invite you

to bring your own mug. Masks at this time are at the discretion of each person.  Anyone interested in attending on behalf of the Kemble-Sarawak,

Zion-Keppel Pastoral Charge please speak with Don Dailey.

Food Bank Donations:  A basket has been placed by the back doors.  





Heather's Library Sale for M&S:  Please check out the small shelf of books for sale in the church's office.  If you are interested in one of the books

please feel free to take it and if possible place a donation to M&S in the basket on top of the shelf. 

 UCW: Kemble-Sarawak UCW want to do whatever we can to protect our environment. We have connected with Tru Earth in B.C. who are offering our

group 20% of the sales of their eco friendly laundry soap. They are thin strips of concentrated soap, that is shipped to you in a paper container and they

are biodegradable and come in a light scent or no scent. If you would like to try this eco friendly soap and support our U.C.W. simply go to this link:      https://fundraising.tru.earth/ksucw   

Donations Accepted for Ukraine:

United Church Mission & Service partners are responding to the rapidly unfolding crisis. You can help. Right now, people urgently need shelter,

clean water, food, and medical attention. Please show your support by making a gift today. Donate Now: Online via our secure donation page.

Phone:  416-231-5931 or toll-free 1-800-268-3781 ext. 2738 and use your Visa or MasterCard. Send a cheque or money order to: The United Church of

Canada Philanthropy Unit - Emergency Response 3250 Bloor Street West, Suite 200 Toronto, ON M8X 2Y4 Please be sure to note

"Emergency Response—Ukraine" on the face of your cheque. Note: As part of the United Church’s Emergency Response Fund, 100% of your donation

goes directly to emergency relief, with 85% of your donation responding to this designated emergency and 15% responding to future emergencies

that do not receive intense media coverage. Donations to Mission & Service enable the United Church to cover all of the costs of emergency response

work without deducting any fees from your donation. Further Information can be found at this link:


Community Announcements:

“Ralph Vaughan Williams 1872-1958 – His Life and Music” An illustrated talk with musical excerpts” 7pm Wednesday October 12 at Trinity United

Church, Annan (refreshments available)  On the 150th anniversary of his birth, enjoy echoes of his music – 303234 Sideroad 33, Annan. Contact: Julian Delf, julian.delf@hotmail.co.uk (519) 376-8130


 “Theological Banquet: Navigating the Landscapes of Lived Faith” Based on video resources from Janet Gear and LeaderShift in the BC United

Church, online by Zoom, with local onsite groups in churches in Grey and Bruce counties, 7pm Tuesdays, October 18 to November 15.  Contact: Bill Bruce, billebruce@gmail.com (519) 998-8687 

Easing Hospital Visitor Restrictions: Beginning Wednesday, June 8, GBHS is easing visitor resrtFrictions at all six hospitals in keeping with the declining

cases of COVID-19 in this region. For the majority of patients, there will be two visitors permitted at the bedside at a time, and in most cases there will

be no restrictions on visiting hours. Visitors will no longer be required to show proof of vaccination status.  • All visitors must continue to wear a surgical

grade mask at all times while in hospital • One person is permitted to accompany individuals to outpatient appointments • Visitors who arrive after the

front doors are locked must be screened by ER staff prior to visiting • Visitors no longer have to sign in 

Church Contact Information

Kemble-Sarawak and Zion-Keppel Pastoral Charge United Church of Canada

319940 Kemble Rock Road, 
Kemble, Ontario N0H 1S0


Email: KSZKunited@gmail.com  
Phone: 519-371-3861   (phone located at Kemble-Sarawak) 

Website: www.KSZKunited.com   

Reverend Heather McCarrel
cell #  519-270-8545
Email: revhmccarrel@rogers.com

Pastoral Charge Board Chair:
Don Dailey 

Email: wd_dailey@hotmail.com 

Church Communicator:
Don Edwards
Email: kembleonthehorizon@gmail.com 

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